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PPC Consultants - paid marketing using Google Ads [formerly AdWords] or Bing Ads

Why should you consider using paid advertising - PPC (pay-per-click) Google Ads or Bing Ads - going forward I'll only reference Google Ads but the same stands for Bing Ads?

Well, you have a new website and you're having difficulty gaining any visitors - 'it's a shiny shop in a ploughed field', you need to start making paths. Organic or natural SEO (search engine optimisation) is great for this, but alas it doesn't happen overnight, whereas with PPC it can and does.

But as with all great schemes it isn't that simple, I mean you've been given your free 75 voucher from Google Ads, so you go and set-up and spend this plus a little more quite rapidly and your sales haven't improved - why, well Google Ads isn't exactly that simple, I mean you've got to firstly ensure you've chosen the right list of keywords that will generate sales or visitors to your site.

choosing the right keywords

Initially this seems simple, you visit Google Ads Keyword Planner, pop in your suggestions and it gives you a huge heap of keywords in return, only, did you firstly check it was for the UK and not the USA, we don't sell 'sneakers' in the UK! Next will this new set of keywords really work in Google Search, have you tried them? Then, well, we are human so add a big dollop of common sense to the list - we're getting there.

So you've now got your keywords, next you need to write a good sales pitch, yep, you've got to create your own adverts and all within Google Ads strict number of characters per line limitations: 25 top line, 35 on the next line and 80 on the last. This needs to be convincing - you are paying for it.

Okay, now how to work out how much you're going to spend each month, or rather how much you can afford, then do you only want your ads to run at certain times of day, do you want them to only show up in your city, town or county, you've guessed it you've also a geographic choice.

I think you may be getting the picture, Google Ads is great, but it does help if you know a little what you're doing.

how do PPC adverts work

Once your ad campaign is set-up, and you've set it live, your ads will start to be generated and they're generated by people using Google Search. When someone types a keyword into Google Search, that is also a keyword you used in one of your campaigns then depending on how much you were willing to spend per click, your ad will appear either at the top, that's above 'natural search' - if you spent a bit, or to the right of the screen if you spent a little bit less. If someone likes your ad and they click on it to visit your website you're charged the amount you agreed with Google Ads - never more, but sometimes less.

There you go, you're on a winner with visitors visiting your website for keywords you wanted them to use - yes there's a little extra cost, but if your website is set-up correctly, these visitors will purchase your products and ensure that your Google Ads PPC campaign has a positive ROI.

Google Ads extensions

You want to really get those Google Ads campaigns motoring, then you need to link your Google Ads campaign up with your Google My Business page, which is of course associated with your Google+ page; these extensions include:

  • Sitelinks extensions
  • Locations extensions
  • Call extensions
  • App extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions

They're all excellent and each help in increasing your ads real estate and CTR - which bottom line means a more successful campaign.

So if you need help with your Google Ads campaigns - no matter how big or small, then give us, your Google As specialists a shout we'll be more than willing to help.

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