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Website Consultants: SEO, Marketing & Usability

Website Consultancy has well over a decade's experience of improving website performance by means of: website optimisation (SEO), social & media marketing (SEM) and website management - with a particularly strong emphasis on technical SEO, Google Ads [formerly AdWords] (PPC), usability & analysis (including Google Analytics); these website consultants are based in Penzance, Cornwall. We look after and consult for a multitude of different types of websites, including: e-commerce (shopping sites), financial management, holiday lettings, real estate/ property management, conference venue facilities, recruitment, web design, web development, small boutiques - in fact you name it...

So if you have a website which just isn't performing as well as you believe it ought to - and that's in Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo or you want to understand Social Media Marketing - this includes Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn &c - a little better or how on-site or off-site marketing is supposed to work in the first place or you would like to have training in SEO (this could be keyword research for starters), SE (search engine) Marketing or PPC (pay-per-click) in particular Google Ads Marketing - then please do get in touch, because consulting on websites is what we do and we'll be more than happy to help - and of course you don't have to live in Penzance or Cornwall - we do travel!

web consultant services

  • Website Management
  • Business Website Consultants
  • Website Analytics and Reporting
  • Website Performance Overview
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Technical SEO (Code Analysis)
  • Information Architecture (Site Hierarchy)
  • Website Project Management
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selected website portfolio

Search engine optimisation for One Great George Street Westminster

SEO for conference centre London One Great George Street Westminster

Website optimisation for Scorrier House Cornwall

Website optimisation for wedding venue Cornwall Scorrier House

search engine optimisation for institute of vivil engineering

SEO and marketing for Institute of Civil Engineers ICE

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Search engine marketing for biodiversity net gain essex

Search engine marketing for biodiversity net gain Spains Hall Estate Essex

ecommerce marketing and optimisation for DR Harris London pharmacy

Ecommerce marketing (PPC) for DR Harris London pharmacy

technical website optimisation for Alfred Smith & Son

Technical SEO for furniture shop Penzance Alfred Smith & Son