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About Website Consultancy

When your website doesn't bring in the revenue you expected from it you probably start to wonder why?

There can be a multitude of reasons why a website doesn't perform as well as you expected it too, and one of the reasons you might be reading this page is because you've come to the point when you want to do something about it.

Website Consultancy which is run by David Carley – that’s him over there on the right, if you’re on a desktop or below if you’re on a smartphone – are based in Penzance, Cornwall, we cover all aspects of web performance, which at this moment in time, you're probably only interested in the part that could improve your website.

Okay, after over a decade of working on a multitude of different websites, including: e-commerce (retail sites), financial management (mortgages and the like), real estate/ property management, venue and conference facilities, restaurants and web design - web development, we have the advantage of having come across quite a few problems – big and small, which have stopped a site from either performing well in SERPs (search engine result pages) or simply not converting all the visitors they get into paying customers.

website analyisis

Technical analysis of websites is our speciality, this is initially the digging into the nitty-gritty code of a website to firstly ensure that there's no major underlying problem there which has caused the search engine spiders to not like the site and not liking means they don't index the site properly meaning it won't appear in the search engines, these being: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, &c.

website usability

Website usability is the next thing close to our heart: your site looks good, it's even ranking well in Google and Bing, but hey – you're just not getting the visitors buying, signing up or doing anything you want them to, so this could be because the website's usability is poor - meaning visitors are finding it difficult to navigate, you know, do what they came to your website to do in the first place!

Now let's briefly cover some other stuff you've heard about and want your site involved in.

social media marketing - SMM

Firstly there's 'Social Media Marketing', well this covers Mastodon, X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs, &c.

search engine marketing - SEM

What about general marketing of a website; this could be local Business citation building, creating great articles for your Blog, the list goes on, this is a little more tricky now than it was a short while ago because to stop rubbish results in SERPs Google has carried out some updates which have changed the emphasis from quantity to quality - which always was the mantra, except Google (in particular) have now eventually implemented it.

paid advertising - PPC

You've also most likely heard of PPC (pay per click), this is a program, the most famous being Google Ads, where you the owner of the website create adverts for your website, you're in total control – you not only write the ads, you also create the keyword list to generate the ads and then you direct the ads to whichever page on your website you desire - but of course you could opt for a Performance Max campaign and let Google do, nearly, everything for you, that is of course once you've set it up. You can create ads like this on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, X - in fact a whole plethora of channels.

So, are you interested, I appreciate we skipped through the above pretty sharpish, but naturally if you have any questions then all you need to do is drop us an email or give us a call (email and phone number at top right of this piece of writing), we could be your port in a storm or simply the people to put your website back on its right course by using good quality search engine optimisation, usability and marketing along with a big dollop of common sense.


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Phone: +44 [0] 779 669 3988

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David Carley - Website Consultancy

David Carley

Website Consultant
Penzance, Cornwall
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